18 July 2006

Back in Delhi after being on the road for the past two months. The New York screenings at the Lincoln Center went really well. Many Tibetans showed up and it was a pleasure to have audiences that got all the jokes and had no hesitation in laughing out loud. Sometimes, with non-Tibetan audiences you get the feeling that they don't know whether it is appropriate to laugh or not.

Still working hard on trying to get distribution in America. This is really the hardest part; just after you've climbed this huge mountain to get the film made, you realize that there is another peak in front of you, and that is to get it distributed. By the time you get to this point, you are so exhausted that it's really hard to muster up the energy and will power to face this next challenge. We've now met many independent filmmakers from all over and everyone shares this same problem. Nonetheless, we are persevering and we live in the hope that our efforts will pay off!

In the meantime, our Swiss distributor, Filmcoopi, launched the film in Zurich this Sunday. It will have a two-week run there starting this Thursday. Although this is the worst possible time to release a film, being right at the start of the summer holidays, we hope there will be a decent response.

Festival-wise, the next screening is at the Pacific-Meridian Vladivostock International Film Festival in Russia. The festival runs from 25-31 August.

Plans are afoot to launch the DVD and we'll have more information in our next update.

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